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Alternate picking single string coordination – 3rd and 4th fingers

Today we are going to go “back to Basics”, and talk about the technique of alternate picking. Even though alternate picking is usually the first technique one gets acquainted with when starting out with his guitar, few peop...
by Ioannis

Pedal Point Licks Page 1_opt

Alternate Picking – Pedal Point Licks

After two exhausting lessons full of content, technical concepts and guidelines I decided to share with you a lesson about one of my favorite ways to use alternate picking: pedal point licks! This time the lesson is easy to swa...
by Ioannis



Sweep Picking – 3-String sweeps with legato

In our second sweeping lesson, we have a lick from a highly influential guitarist, John Petrucci, of Dream Theater. This lick is absolutely essential for your Licktionary, especially if you are involved in hard rock or heavy me...
by Ioannis


Adding more right hand fingers to your tapping

I developed these licks a long time ago, when I was under the influence of the great guitarist Paul Gilbert! At that time, I needed a way to create and produce some really scary virtuoso legato sounding phrases, and Gilbert was...
by Ioannis

String Crossing  Page 1_opt

String crossing studies

Today I actually have five exercises for you. Because they are based on the same concept and working towards the same goal I included all of them in a single lesson. Your Goal: What this lesson is designed to do is actually sim...
by Ioannis