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February 17, 2013

String crossing studies

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Today I actually have five exercises for you. Because they are based on the same concept and working towards the same goal I included all of them in a single lesson.

Your Goal:
What this lesson is designed to do is actually simple: teach you how to cross strings effectively using alternate picking.

You have five sequences here. These repetitive sequences (all licks are repetitive – watch for the double dots in the beginning and end of each one of them) don’t necessarily follow a scale pattern. They are rather designed to follow a finger-pattern. What this basically means is that these sequences are made to teach you how to cross strings regardless of the combination of fingers you have to follow.
They are really nice for acquiring speed. But you should always take technique exercises slow to avoid any injuries

You will notice that positions are relatively static. They are meant to emphasize on your right hand’s picking which should be STRICTLY ALTERNATE. If you don’t make sure of that, don’t even bother to study these sequences.

Another thing you should notice is that within a given sequence (e.g.#1), every time your right hand is to cross strings, your pick follows another direction (first time – downstroke, second time – upstroke). This way you’ll be able to register both movements in your muscle memory and use this skill regardless of context.

You can find a lot of sequences like that if you look for any riffs from heavy metal bands. These sequences though differentiate from these riffs, because the whole movement is made here on “inside” strings. This way you can build and use this skill on your melodic phrases too. It’s ok to mute lightly though (for some of the sequences it might even sound better).

Have fun,