1-on-1 Online Guitar Coaching

Get your skills to the next level. Get coached by a world-class coach and unlock your true potential today!

  • Reach Your Guitar Goals Faster
  • Personalized Material and Guidance
  • 24/7 Access to Your Private Coach

Mastering the electric guitar shouldn't take years

Elite Guitar Coaching gets guitar players focused on the right path.
They cut down on time by progressing faster with 1-on-1 coaching.

We help guitar players with busy lifestyles

We get it! Time is gold. But you love playing the guitar and you do not want to be average. With 1-on-1 coaching you will be able to advance your guitar skills without wasting your time. Procrastination is not a thing anymore. We got you covered with a coaching methodology that aims for results.

Become guitar veterans in less time

Only 1% of the players who practice can reach their true potential. The rest of them get lost in the way. A world-class coach will supervise you along the way. He will make sure you adopt the right habits and stay on the right track. No more frustration and hustle. Your coach will handle all the hard work while you practice. Simple as that!

Here's how it works

Elite Guitar Coaching provides you with everything you need
to play the electric guitar at a high level.

No premade lessons — we provide a 1-on-1 coaching environment
tailored to your schedule and your needs.

Proven Process

One size fits all doesn’t work when you try to develop your guitar skills. As every person is different, so is his guitar style, needs, strengths and weaknesses. Our long tested process will make sure you reach your goals without the guesswork.

Real Online Coaching

We stand behind every word we say. When we say coaching, we mean it – private, personalized, 1-on-1 online coaching. Real contact and access to a world-class electric guitar coach, available anytime to guide you and help you.

Lovely Community

It’s easier to improve your guitar playing when you ‘re surrounded by skilled people. Join an active community of guitar players, collaborate, get help, practice songs, make friends and have fun.

Coaching method that gets results

We don’t offer premade, one-size-fits-all instructional material
which aims to produce identical guitar-playing robots!
We provide real and personalized guidance from the beginning to the end.

Students Taught
Coaching Hours
Years of Experience

Happy students with elite guitar skills

How Elite Guitar Coaching helped them develop their guitar skills.

Are you ready to skyrocket your guitar playing?

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