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This is like saying “I am feeling sick, but Why do I need to go to a Doctor – there are so many different medicines to try out at the drug store”! Also, remember that Quantity of Information does not equal Quality of Content. When getting better in something is IMPORTANT to you, the most efficient way to achieve that is to get someone who is TRAINED to help you in getting these results! This is true for learning just about everything, from foreign languages to salsa dancing.

If you follow any kind of sport, you will have noticed that ADVANCED players/teams need good coaches, not rank beginners. So the question is NOT if you are “good”; it is “Do you want to get BETTER”? If not, you probably should not be reading this. But, if you DO want to get better, keep on reading!

EGC are NOT Skype lessons! This is asynchronous Daily Coaching – not watered down private lessons! EGC is the Natural Evolution of both regular Private Lessons and Skype Lessons. It keeps the advantages of both, without most of the hassles and the limitations.

EGC classes are much less expensive than private lessons – Private lessons in my teaching studio would cost 400%-600 more than EGC classes.

No, regular internet access is perfectly fine – as long as your connection is good enough to receive email and watch the occasional YouTube video, you will be fine.

Not really. For optimum results, I suggest you have access to a web camera or a video camera or even a cell phone enabled with a video camera. A few people make do with just audio recordings, but I suggest you need access to either a laptop camera or a cell phone for optimum results.

Your Coaching Materials are sent to you at the beginning of each month. You practice them according to the instructions provided with the materials and whenever you have completed the allocated practice hours, you can send me a video/audio recording, to get my feedback. Then, I will send you a new set of materials, which will be customized to YOUR level and your own playing (I cannot stress this enough, as you can see).

Of course – you can stop at the end of any month, before the beginning of the next one.

Yes, of course – I will answer to you personally as soon as I can, usually within 48 hours.

Really, there is no reason to have extra lessons, unless you are preparing for a University entrance exam. In every other case, you will be given enough materials to keep you busy for a full week, no matter how much you practice. I suggest you save your extra cash for equipment upgrades and other music related purchases.

If you FOLLOW the process I will outline for you and practice the things I will prescribe, progress will come very quickly – usually in a matter of weeks. It does depend on the time and focus you put into it, but it will be very soon.

Email me at [email protected] and I will do my best to answer your questions directly (and possibly add them to this FAQ).

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