Thank you for registering with Elite Guitar Coaching!

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Thank you for registering with Elite Guitar Coaching!


Welcome to the Elite Guitar Coaching Community. Let’s get started with getting you setup! 🙂

Before you begin your actual guitar coaching  please follow the next steps, as outlines below  (Estimated Time to complete steps: 10’-15′)


*** Follow the Elite Guitar Coaching Facebook Fan page

(Any Guitar Coaching questions and all videos should be sent there in a personal message for my personal review and feedback).

If possible, please send me right NOW a message there, so I can add you to my contact list  


If you speak Greek*** Send us a request to join the following Facebook Group

This is the Facebook Group for the Greek Students of Elite Guitar Coaching where we post some Tutoring Videos of Ioannis that is ONLY for you!


*** Please send me the email address you have used to register at DropBox. Send it at I need to send you an invitation to your Guitar Coaching lessons folder. In that folder, I will be adding your Coaching Materials for each month. Please do NOT delete anything from this folder! 🙂

*** When you can, please complete this form with the correct information. It will help me create your initial Guitar Coaching Schedule according to your current level of knowledge  

If anything goes wrong or there is something you don’t understand, please let me know and I will be happy to help you with the process!

As mentioned, you can contact me at the Elite Guitar Coaching Fan Page –

Finally PLEASE read CAREFULLY the following document. It is going to be very HELPFUL for both of us to be on the same page and avoid any kind of misunderstandings concerning the coaching process. It is also going to answer 95% or more of the questions you might have at this point 🙂

If (AFTER you read the document above carefully), there is something that is not clear and you want to ask, please send me a message to Ioannis, directly at EGC Facebook fan page:  

That’s all from me and my support team! Welcome to Elite Guitar Coaching Community!

Your Coach,

Ioannis Anastassakis