"From the Coach: How Elite Guitar Coaching was developed"

Elite Guitar Coaching is a system that I (Ioannis Anastasakis) personally developed, after privately coaching professional guitar players over more than 25 years.

The need for such a system emerged around 10 years ago when coaching requests from people from all around the world – and many would relocate for months at a time to study with me in Greece. But, using the old-school guitar teaching methods. there was no way for him to consistently, continuously and effectively coach them – until now. The unique challenge was to be able to offer ALL the significant advantages of the face-to-face Private Lessons teaching format but also increase retention of information, while at the same time make the learning process more affordable and much more convenient for both parties.

After a LOT of trial-and-error, the Elite Guitar Coaching program was developed and subsequently honed to perfection over several years!


A system completely personalized to your needs

This is NOT another ready-made online guitar course!

Listen, I have nothing against ready-made guitar courses.  If a player’s sticking point is the lack of good materials to practice (which is very rarely the dominant problem), then online guitar courses are fine and can help a player learn to play new things on the guitar. However, to really unlock the secrets and intricacies of playing the electric guitar at the level of a professional player, you really need a knowledgeable coach supervising you every step on the way, to stop you from picking up bad habits that will limit your playing progress. As a member of the EGC program, I will be supervising you PERSONALLY every step of the way – all the way to the top!

I will be constantly looking over your shoulder, promptly correcting any errors, emphasizing your strong points, strengthening your weak ones and bringing balance to your technique.

Most of all, I will help you find and develop your unique personal style – the quintessence of your playing. This course does NOT intend to produce highly skilled identical guitar-playing robots!

It DOES intend to help create highly skilled musicians – each one with his own style and artistic personality maximized to the extreme. It intends to create artists with the full meaning of the word.

More than 25 years and over 50,000 hours of coaching experience

More than 5,000 students taught!

The EGC system structure

The 4 steps to success

After completing registration to the Elite Guitar Coaching System, the first step to start our collaboration will be to take the Skill Assessment Test. Think of this Skill Assessment Test as a music knowledge X-ray that will give me a perfect “scan” of your guitar playing knowledge and general musicianship skill level.

After you complete this step, I will spend an average of 48 hours to study your Skill Assessment Test in depth and will spend several hours creating a customized study plan, tailor-made to your specific guitar playing strengths and weaknesses.

Then you will receive an invitation to a folder that will include the first part of your guitar study materials. These materials will be comprised of videos, documents, audio and personal audio comments by me, that will guide you through this first part of your music studies. The aim is to quickly eliminate your sticking points and resolve your blind spots. This plan will be different from everybody else’s, although some things will obviously overlap (like basic scales and essential technical exercises).

Most importantly:  There will be a continuous interaction between you and me. You can send me your questions about the study materials, videos of your playing for feedback or anything else guitar related and music related you would like to ask. Whenever you have any part of the training materials that you received ready for me to review, you can send me videos of your playing and I will carefully view them and listen to them, several times and subsequently send you feedback on how to optimize your playing in every way.

This feedback is either in audio or video format and is recorded LIVE, just for you personally – just as if you were in the same room with me!

How often do you have to send me videos/questions/etc? As often as you wish.  You do not have to do it every week. Some people will only send me once a month, some will send 2-3 videos per week. It depends on you and the specific material and how much practice time you managed to get during the week. The important thing is that I will be ALWAYS available for you – to help you make sure you are not wasting time by performing something in a sub-optimal manner or taking a wrong direction.

This is the MOST important thing when you are being PERSONALLY coached

The FEEDBACK of the coach

Additionally, you will get access to my Private Coaching Students Group – a group where I post videos and extra materials that are not available ANYWHERE else. This is a Private Facebook group, open ONLY to my Premium students, so you will be in the company of several serious coaching students. This is the time wherein a warm and friendly environment personal questions can be asked, techniques exhibited, goals analyzed and strategies set.

Pricing tables

Choose a Plan and become a member of the Elite Guitar Coaching Community


99€ Premium monthly fee of EGC
  • Direct coaching communication every 72 hours
  • Personalized coaching materials
  • Customized course structure
  • Premium Facebook Group Access
  • -
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  • Direct coaching communication every 48 hours
  • Personalized coaching materials
  • Customized course structure
  • Premium Facebook Group Access
  • 30' Real-time
  • One-on-One Coaching session every month
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  • Direct coaching communication every 48 hours
  • Personalized coaching materials
  • Customized course structure
  • Premium Facebook Group Access
  • Two 30' One-on-One Coaching sessions per month
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