Why is Elite Guitar Coaching unique?

How does Elite Guitar Coaching differ from other systems?

How it all started

Elite Guitar Coaching is a coaching method personally developed by Ioannis Anastasakis, after privately coaching professional guitar players for more than 25 years.

Back in time, people from all around the world used to ask for private coaching. Some of them would relocate for months at a time to study with Ioannis in Greece. But, using the old-school guitar coaching methods, there was no way for him to consistently, continuously and effectively coach them, until EGC was born.

The unique challenge was to be able to offer ALL the benefits and advantages of the face-to-face private lessons coaching format but also increase retention of information, while at the same time make the learning process more affordable and much more convenient for passionate electric guitar players.

After many years of trial and error, the EGC system finally has a proven process that gets results and is waiting for YOU to take action and unlock your TRUE potential.

From beginner to veteran in 4 steps


You Apply

In this step you apply for the coaching program. Think of this application as a music knowledge X-ray that will give Ioannis the chance to know you a little better.


Coach Review

In this next step Ioannis will spend an average of 48 hours to study your application in depth and will create a customized study plan, tailor-made to your specific guitar playing strengths and weaknesses.

Are you ready to start your coaching journey?


You Get Invited

Then you will receive an invitation to your unique folder that will include the first part of your guitar study materials. These materials will be comprised of videos, documents, audio and personal audio comments by Ioannis, that will guide you through this first part of your music studies. The aim is to quickly eliminate your sticking points and resolve your blind spots.


Coaching Journey

This is the last and most important step. There will be a continuous interaction between you and the coach. His FEEDBACK will help you overcome obstacles, unlock your true potential and become a professional electric guitar player.

The REAL benefits of the EGC journey

Elite Guitar Coaching Inner Circle Group

You will get access to a group of guitar players, where Ioannis posts videos and extra materials that are not available ANYWHERE else.We offer a warm and friendly environment, where you can ask personal questions, exhibit your techniques, and get your goals and strategies analyzed.

Continuous interaction between you and the coach.

You can send him your questions about the study materials, videos of your playing for feedback or anything else guitar related and music related you would like to ask. Whenever you have any part of the training materials that you received ready for him to review, you can send him videos of your playing and he will carefully view them and listen to them many times and subsequently send you feedback on how to optimize your playing in every way.

Live audio or video feedback

This feedback is either in audio or video format and is recorded LIVE, for you personally, just as if you were in the same room with the coach! The coach will ALWAYS be available for you to make sure you are not wasting time by performing something in a sub-optimal manner or taking a wrong direction.

Are you ready to skyrocket your guitar playing?

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